Automation Technology, Inc.
Suppliers of Instrumentation and Electrical
Equipment for the Industrial and Government Markets

Aalborg Instruments: Flow meters
Acme Electric: Transformers and power supplies
Action Instruments: Signal conditioning instrumentation
Ametek, U.S.Gauge: Pressure gauges and thermometers
Ashcroft: Pressure gauges, thermometers, switches, thermowells
Best Power Technology: Uninterruptible Power Supplies
Black Box Corporation: Line Drives, modems, video and mass storage
Cole Parmer: Laboratory instruments and supplies
Davis Instruments: Test equipment, flow, level and temperature measurement
Dwyer Instruments: Pressure gauges, level and flow measurement devices
Dynatran-Lear Siegler: Pressure transducers
Eagle Signal: Timing Devices
Efector: Proximity sensors
English Electric-Vynckier: Fiberglass enclosures
Gentran: Pressure transducers
Honeywell: Pressure and temperature measuement devices
Hottwatt: Process heaters, temperature controls
Hyde Park: Proximity sensors
Lakewood Instruments: Conductivity and ph controls
Love Controls: Temperature controls
Lumenite: Point level controls
Marsh Instruments: Pressure gauges and thermometers
McDaniel Controls: Pressure gauges
Moore Products: Transduces, valve positioners, transmitters
Raytek: Infrared temperature sensors
Rosemount: Pressure, temperature and flow measurement devices
Triclover: Sanitary valves
Tritronics: Photoelectric sensors
Turck: Proximity sensors
Vaisala: Temperature and humidity measurement
Wahl Instruments: Temperature measurement devices
Watlow: Process heaters and temperature controllers
Yokogawa: Temperature, pressure and flow measurement devices
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PHONE: (850) 256-0001 FAX: (850) 256-1956